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  • PUBLICATION: February 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1908340214 (paperback)
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Mind Control: Perceivers #2


Jane Killick

A new generation with mind powers gets drawn into a conspiracy of controlling minds, international espionage and murder in this thrilling second novel of the Perceivers series.

Michael — now part of an elite group of telepaths called perceivers — works with the police to look into the minds of criminals. But when the thoughts of a suicide bomber reveal his mind was programmed by an outside force, Michael suspects the work of a rogue perceiver. Going undercover to investigate, Michael discovers a deadly experiment which sends him on a lone mission to save his father and protect the perceivers’ secrets, while testing his powers to the limit.

A page-turning thriller which mixes action and science fiction with the forging of new friendships and the troubles of Michael’s past, Mind Control makes an exciting, unputdownable read.

Mind Control book cover



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Excerpt from Mind Control

Michael shuddered as the needle came towards him. He thought of resisting. He couldn’t break free of his bonds, but he could move enough to make it difficult for E-boy to pierce his vein. But that risked the needle plunging anywhere into his arm, piercing a muscle or even breaking off inside his body if he struggled too much. So he let E-boy do it, breathing in sharply as he felt the prick on his skin. Michael watched E-boy’s freckly face as the blood flowed into the syringe. It betrayed no emotion.

E-boy withdrew the needle, sponged over Michael’s skin with the same wipe, even though it was no longer sterile, pressed it down hard for a moment and dropped it to the floor. The pressure had not been long enough to clot where the needle had pierced the vein and a spot of blood oozed out onto his skin.

E-boy walked towards the desk, discarding the needle as he went and passed the vial of Michael’s blood to James.

“That’s all I need,” said James, secreting the vial in his pocket.

All you need for what? Michael was about to ask, but before he could say anything, something triggered Dave to move. He pulled a cigarette lighter from his pocket and flicked the catch so a flame was born. It danced in the unseen breeze.

Michael perceived the only thought in Dave’s head: fire.

“What are you doing?” Michael asked James.

James looked on, not seeming to care, as Dave lowered the flame to the clothes.

“Dave, don’t!” Michael pleaded. “You don’t know what you’re doing!”

The cigarette lighter made friends with the cotton of Michael’s T-shirt and spawned a larger flame that reached up into the air in a new, more vigorous dance.

He realised, in that instant, they intended to burn him. To burn him to death.

Panic gripped him. He contracted the muscles of his arms and legs to break free from the chair, but the bonds held him tight. The more he struggled, the more the wires bit into his flesh.

Walk away, the five were thinking. Walk far away … and forget

The gang retreated into the dark where he could no longer see them.

“No, don’t leave me!” He struggled to break free from the chair, but he was as much part of it as the varnish that made the wood shine. “You can’t leave me here!”

In front of him, James left the desk. Michael looked at him. Directly at him, into his eyes, trying to find humanity in him. “Please,” he heard himself beg. “I’m a perceiver like you.”

James returned his stare and said nothing. The fire grew larger.

“This is murder!”

James turned away and followed the other gang members out of the door.

“For God’s sake!” Michael shouted after him. “At least call the fire brigade!”

At the last moment, as he disappeared from view, James allowed one thought to slip from his mind. A thought he knew Michael would hear: Goodbye, perceiver. Forever.

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Copyright, Jane Killick 2016

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